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JSV International Assistant Service s.r.o. Executive Personal Assistant and Consultant

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Personal assistant for Appointment Settings

Need to send a reply by e-mail, send a reminder or write a report? Need to look after a visit from abroad? Want to feel better engaging in small talk?

Focus on what your really need and arranging a meeting or taking a message will no longer pose you any problems. Distinguish between various levels of formality and brush up on your communication skills in English.

Executive Personal Assistant

Appointment setting service will ensure that you have a steady flow of qualified business appointments. We expertise appointment setting will find those business people who have interest in your product or service, qualify their purchasing role, and set up an appointment for your team. 

  • Highly experienced inside team
  • Complete visibility to reporting
  • Flexibility and diversified
  • Delivers highly qualified meetings with decision makers

Comprehensive meeting worksheet describes in detail:

  • Who you will be meeting
  • How we arrived at that person
  • Their current condition
  • Why they agreed to a meeting

I can make a couple of recommendations for anyone who’s interested.

Launchleads.com is a professional group that operates at the high end of this market. If you sell a big-ticket product or service and need to connect with executives in order to make sales, this may be the company for you.

Idea2Result.com offers appointment-setting services via a lower-risk business model. You can try them out for a lower commitment fee, and quit early in the process if it’s not working well.

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