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JSV International Executive Assistant Service Executive Personal Assistant and Administrator

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JSV International Executive Personal Assistant

„We are changing legal form of company to s.r.o.(Společnost s ručením omezeným). October 2015“
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New services of providing Translation and Interpreting service in / versa 37th world´s languages.
Executive Personal Assistant
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Central competence

We provide comprehensive ADMINISTRATIVE & SECRETARY and EXECUTIVE PERSONAL ASSISTANT support for CEO´s, Consultants, Investments Company, Developers, Start-up projects, Private entrepreneurs, Financial advisers.

We communicate in more than 37 world’s lan­guages and entire PERSONAL ASSISTANT´s staff is dedicated to serving You.

Translation and localization Solutions & Communicate with your customers, business partners, associate in their own language.

Executive Personal Assistant


Executive Personal Assistant


Open from Monday- Friday 8.00–20.00 CET and willing to adapt them if necessary.

Cooperation with us, JSV International Assistant Service s.r.o., is nice, clearly defined and has a stable solid foundation.


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Why choose us

We are Not VAT payer, NO long term commitment, No office overheads, No hidden fees. 

We are multilingual:
Slovak, English, German (Schwabach), French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, Turkish, Serbian, Albanian, Russian, Ukrainian, Azerbaijani, Macedonian, Dutch, Scandinavian, Baltic languages, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Romanian, Hebrew, Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese and Arabic

Certified translation:
English, German, French, Russian, Albanian.


Facility Management Family Office Time Management Task Management Business Management Wealth Management

We thank you very much for our business and look forward for cooperation.