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Art gallery

DOX Gallery

Poupetova 1
Prague 7–Holešovice
Tel. 295 568 123 

„DOX has established itself in a short period of time as the leading private exhibition hall in Prague. Complete renovations and constructions were finished last year, giving way to ambitious exhibitions such as the “Amor Psyche Action — Vienna” show about Austrian Actionism, “Cartographies of Hope: Change Narratives,” and the too-soon-deceased Czech-American artist Jan Jakub Kotík’s “Forces of Resistance,” hanging until Jan. 7. “

Galerie La Femme

Bílkova 2
110 00 Prague 1
Tel. 224 812 656 

„This tiny art space was established in 2000 in the middle of Old Town, across from the InterContinental Hotel. As the name may suggest, it focuses mainly on women in their many forms and reincarnations. Galerie La Femme includes in its database more than 300 artists, mostly of contemporary Czech authors, including, among others, names like Jirků, Brewer, Chabera, Brichcín and Rittstein, to name only a few. “

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