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Business Plan

Preparing your business plan

Whether you are
  • An existing or well established business – or
  • A start up organisation

Your business will need funding

Funding can come from a number of sources

  • New equity shareholdrers
  • White knight
  • Venture capitalists
  • Banks

No serious funder will give money with an understanding of the business. The most comprehensive way to do this is through a comprehensive business plan document, backed up by a professional PowerPoint presentation.

The business plan needs to be professional, comprehensive and uit needs to show that you, the business promoter, has a clear understanding of your business, the market, your competitors and all other relevant information.

Business plans need to be clear but should explain:

  • The line of business
  • The market potential
  • A detailed financial analysis
  • Where your business will fit in this marketplace
  • What the goals and objectives of the business will be
  • What your unique selling points are
  • A comprehensive and viable sales forecast
  • Who are the key people
  • What are the capital and cash reqirements

Preparing your Business Plan

If you are looking to create and present a credible and professional Business plan then talk to us. Our professional team of accountants and business experts can work with you to make it clear your intentions to start your business in the right manner.