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Company Secretarial Services

Compliance with statutory reporting is an important legal obligation in all developed countries where there is a modern business model. Although there are similarities across all countries, particularly within the EU every country has differing statutory reporting and document filing regulations.

Although the requirements of what is necessary to be filed are similar, the onus on who is responsible for the filing and the format (in particular accounts) can be very different from country to country. The size of the company can have a very specific bearing on reporting and audit requirements.

Our team of company secretarial specialists will help you sift through the myriad of laws, rules and regulation and ensure that you are relived of the onus of statutory filing obligations.

We will monitor and remind you of the relevant deadlines and assist you in:

  • Preparing and filing your annual return
  • Filing annual accounts
  • Maintaining statutory records
  • Filing any changes
  • Preparation of meeting minutes
  • Ensuring that the schedule of shareholders and company officers is up to date