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Commissions for referrals of JSV Assistant Service

Do you like our services? If you have new incentives to innovate and expand business assistance and secretarial activities?

Would you like receive a bonus – then:
Recommend us to your family and friends and get 15 % commission on the total amount of the contract.


Terms of earning commissions

This is not a MLM or affiliate program. We want to provide such services and to pay for such work, which stands for referrals from your acquaintances or friends.

If you bring – and – if a client who signs into a contract with us for "
contract of providing administrative services "
, then as a thank you, after completion of the contract will you pay a commission.

We pay commission directly to you. All matters of commission are a private arrangement between the company and the referrer.

The amount of commission

The amount of commission is set at 15 % of the total contract amount and is paid at the end of a payment order. Commission is paid only by bank transfer or PayPal. The amount of commission for you is dependent on the total amount of the contract.

Additional information

Since we very much appreciate your cooperation, we have designed a simple commission system, where we focus most of our efforts on the customer and his / her requirements.

In the case that something was not clear to you, so ask us directly on Facebook or contact us here .

E-mail Contact jsv@internationalassistant.eu

CEO Jana Svihlova