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Corporate Relocation Management

When an employee is moving to a new location, there is a very high element of strees, not only on the employee, but for the business also. 

Here at JSV International Assistant Service we recognise this and we now have a dedicated section and team of experts across all disciplines to make this transition easier. 

Corporate rerelocation is unique to each company, and indeed to each individual within the organisation. Not only is the policy defined by the corporation iteslf, local laws, customs and practices also have a bearing. 

Our corporate relocation service provides the necessary services so that your employees can fit into their new environment with a minimum of stress and in an efficient and time orderly manner. 

We can help you with accounting, payroll compliance, mortgage options, taxation matters, real estate, utilities and services. In fact, whatever your relocation needs are, we can help and provide you will all of the necessary services. 

We tailor fit our package to suit the needs of your corporatiom and your employee(s). We will provide a dedicated specialist who will be interface between the corporation, the employee and all of the various organisations and businesses that cause stress to the relocated employee. 

Our aim is provide a dedicated counsellor to manage all aspects of the relocation process. Our dedicated counsellor will be your „friend“ during the settling in process.

Our services menu:

Schedules and Budget

Feel free to provide us with your budget. We will advise if your costs are feasible, and try to work within your budget constraints. We'll identify relevant costs and work with your existing service providers as well as with any new vendors who may be required to facilitate the movement.

Real Estate Management

Whether it is a rental or purchase, we have established relationships with all of the top real estate companies, and professionals in the real estate. Our specialist will help your associate select an effective local realtor, find a qualified assessor, prepare the property, create a marketing strategy, and negotiate offers.

Legal and Financial

Whether it is a simple lease, a complex property purchase or personal taxation, our trained counsellors will introduce you to the right people, the right advisers and the best price.

Finance & Banking & Mortage

Our mortgage partners provide competitive interest rates, loan pre-approval, and a streamlined process designed to make home ownership and financing worry-free.


if you choose the buy option, we can assist in arranging mortgage or other lending sources.


We assist you to set up a personal Bank account for you / employee – we make all of the necessary arrangmeents.

Living costs

We will provide you with the local quivalent of everything from the price of A till Z.

We present you researched reports based on income, economic indicators in specific locations, local and state taxes, family size and needs, and average prices of products.

Home Search Assistance

We will provide critical information regarding specific communities, neighborhoods, education and healthcare options, and local taxes. Individual properties and neighborhoods will be researched to determine market trends, resale value, and commute times.

Our specialists are knowledgeable about local communities, lifestyles, and economic trends. Finding a home will be the first priority of your new associate.

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