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JSV International Assistant Service s.r.o. Executive Personal Assistant and Consultant

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Team Secretary


What are the typical daily duties of TEAM SECRETARY ?

Executive Personal Assistant

Team Assistant have a wider scope and a more integrated role than a general Secretary or a Personal Assistant, and when people are having a difficult time or there is a lot happening all at once, you’ll be the first point of call for your team. In many ways you almost have to be a part human resources person, part guru, as you handle a sometimes frantic numbers of requests and demands, and direct and accommodate people accordingly.

All secretarial duties focus on typing, shorthand and filing but your role requires you to be a little more rounded in the nature of the company and aware of its many functions.

Team Assistant is dealing with a wider group of specialists and so it is needed to know more about what they do and how to accommodate their many needs.

To make a good Team Secretary you'll need good IT knowledge and typing skills, excellent organisational skills, good communications skills and team working skills, to act as the link between different members of the team.

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