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The National Theater

Ostrovní 1
Prague 1–New Town
Tel. 224 901 448 

„One cannot overemphasize the beauty and grandeur of the National Theater, a 130-year-old building that is the ideal destination for the best performances, including ballet, drama, opera and concerts. There is no theater more beloved by Czechs, and for good reason. Besides its regular cast of local stage and music stars, the National Theater also regularly invites distinguished foreign performers, set designers and choreographers. If you’re just visiting Prague, or if you’re a long-term resident seeking a dose of culture, look no further than the National Theater.“

Švandovo divadlo

Štefánikova 57
Prague 5, 150 00
Tel. 234 651 111 

„This Smíchov theater house is a classic, if small, venue. With a history that dates to the late 1800s, and much of it seeing changes in names and edifice, the theater has operated under its current moniker since 2002. One of Prague’s semi-budgetary organizations, the theater hosts mainly dramas and the works of contemporary composers. It consists of 16 members, including, among others, Filip Čapka, Petra Hřebíčková, Viktor Limr, Zuzana Onufráková and Stanislav Saarland. “

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